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Oven-Roasted Corn on the Cob


  • 6ears corn on the cob, in their husks (Or however many will fit in your oven.)
  • water, to rinse them


  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Rinse ears.
  • Place corn cobs in middle rack in oven.
  • Bake for 30 minutes.
  • Remove corn cobs. Pull back husks and enjoy!


  • Jonababy

    The recipe seems to easy but the results are nothing less then delicious. I luved this recipe definently a keeper. Thanks for the great recipe. 🙂 I luv this site.

  • Little_Sister

    What can you add to this many good reviews? Rated mainly to be able to find it again. Cut the green and brown stringy things off the end before cooking. Added extra cooking time to get the corn to char just a bit. So nice not to have to remove silks before cooking! They come off much easier after the corn is done. Too easy and so good!

  • paagiela

    I can’t believe how easy this is. I hated boiling corn because of pulling off the silk and then using such a big pot of water just to fit them in. This way has no prep work; you just pop it in. Now it’s so much easier for me to just grab some corn from the store and prepare it instead of planning it out. The corn comes out perfect, the silk just comes right off with ease, and the corn looks beautiful when you just pull back the husks and serve it that way. I tried to time it right so that they were done when my husband came home from work but they were done too early. So I turned off the oven, pulled back the husks and removed the silk, then covered the corn with their husks again and placed them back into the cooling oven. I just grabbed them once we were ready to go to the table and they still came out hot and perfect. I would love to do this for a party and just load my oven with a bunch of corn for everyone.

  • gone to disneyland

    This couldn’t be any easier! Loved it. I was a little nervous about not soaking the ears first but it turned out perfect.

  • Lucky in Bayview

    Wow…perfect and so easy! Our’s needed to stay in the oven about 5 extra minutes. Thanks for posting.

  • KlutzyGirl

    I always cook corn this way, I don’t even rinse it. With my 30″ stove I can fit 12 ears on one rack. I also can do six in the toaster oven, but I have to cut off any hanging husk or silk so it doesn’t touch the heating element. The oven temp can be varied so that these can cook right along with any other dish; just adjust the time up or down. This method really brings out the sweetness of the corn. It’s much tastier than boiled!

  • coleen114

    I agree with all the others. I will always cook my corn this way from now on! Rinse and roast. What could be easier? I too only roasted for 25 minutes as I was afraid of ending up with tough kernels, but they were sweet and tender! I did burn my finger trying to unhusk them too soon though, so make sure you give them a couple of minutes to vent the steam.

  • beverlyt

    I used to think grilling was the best way to make corn, but this is better. This will be my new go to method for making corn on the cob.

  • davidmcarson

    I did this for a church BBQ and our men’s group was charged with doing hot dogs, chili and corn on the cob for 700 people. We got fresh corn from our Redmond Saturday Market and roasted them all the next day. We used this method and cranked out 100 ears in about an hour and a half in two different ovens. It wasn’t a piece of cake, but it was the best corn on the cob I’ve ever had though I didn’t sample all 700 ears. 😉 So easy and the tastiest corn you’ll ever make.

  • DEEP

    This is indeed an excellent way of preparing corn on the cob, especially for a large number of people. However, for the sake of energy savings, as well as time, try doing this in the microwave. I do mine 3mins. for one ear, 4 mins for 3, etc. My MW is a 900W oven, yours could be 700, 900, or 1000W, so times can vary. There are several recipes in the DB. For six or more people a traditional oven still works wonders! Thanks, Chef PotPie!