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Simple Tomato Sandwich


  • 2slices bread (homemade strongly recommended, cracked wheat is my specific favorite)
  • 1medium organic tomatoes (room temperature or fresh from the stalk, do NOT attempt this with pale, store-bought types!) or 1 medium garden tomatoes (room temperature or fresh from the stalk, do NOT attempt this with pale, store-bought types!)
  • 3tablespoons Miracle Whip or 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • salt, to taste


  • Toast bread.
  • Slice tomato.
  • When bread is adequately toasted, liberally spread both sides with Miracle Whip (or butter one side with Miracle Whip on the other).
  • Lay tomato slices on one side of bread.
  • Salt tomato to taste.
  • Slap that baby together and savor summer at its best!


  • Phantom2010

    Tomato sandwiches are THE BEST! I agree that the taste of the tomatoes make a big difference in the taste. I personally prefer miracle whip and I also add some black pepper. Also, for me, the bread must be toasted with margarine.

  • micro_ang

    There is definitely something special about the simple tomato sandwich. I remember being introduced in my childhood while over at my neighbours house for lunch. I came across this recipe and decided to revive the old favourite and tried it as written. It is absolutely important to use home grown or the best quality tomatoes you can find in the store that are still on the vine. I used the miracle whip option but I must say I wasn't impressed. I'm not really a mayo fan either (personal taste). For me, I like my tomato sandwich on fresh, untoasted buttered bread and a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper. I'm not giving stars as my preference is too different from the original recipe, but thanks for reminding me of an old favourite!

  • AnnaMarieCooking

    Yummmmy! The best sandwich ever.. just add a piece of cheese!

  • DrJoan

    I love fresh tomatoes!! Great use. We found a wonderful produce place here in Florida, but I try to avoid mayo due to diet restrictions. Mustard has no calories and works well too.

  • nicole.bozeman

    I grew up with Tomato, mayo, and salt sandwich was always my favorite. 5 Star for you had the idea that I absolutely love! 🙂

  • SilverOpera

    There needs to be a 10-star rating, because this is just about the most delicious thing I’ve ever shoved in my face. Hellman’s mayo and some salt and pepper and this is just heaven. IMHO, there’s no need to toast the bread, and the whiter and more refined, the better.

  • lovelemons

    Are you my daughter in law? I remember when my son introduced her to tomato sandwiches for the first time. She was 29 at the time and I had a garden full of heirloom tomatoes. We like ours with garden fresh tomatoes, especially the beefsteak types like brandywine, black seaman, or kellog’s breakfast. Then add mayo, salt and pepper and enjoy a slice of heaven. We like ours open faced. Saves a bit on calories.

  • mrpaul

    I ate tomato sandwiches as a kid, Its right up there with a BLT!!! I lean more towards the mayo(Hellmans) and not the light kind either than anything else.I know it was probably my grandmother that got me started on ’em. I think they came about while you were eating BLT’S and you ran out of bacon. White bakery bread was usually the bread of choice too !! It feels good to know there are other people out there who love the simple things in life just like I do .

  • Cinda Lu

    oh yeah!!!!!!! this is awesome, I like to add a sweet vidalia onion sometimes too. MMMmmmm.

  • fourkids

    My favorite summer sandwich! I grew up eating tomato sandwiches. Dukes or Hellmans mayo is a must, fresh ground salt & pepper, and I prefer mine on bread that is not toasted. For an added yum – slice some garden fresh green bell peppers and add them to the sandwich. Can’t go wrong! Delish!