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Awesome Baked Ham


  • 15lbs whole bone-in ham (I prefer Cooks SuperTrim brand)
  • 1lb brown sugar
  • 1⁄2cup yellow mustard
  • aluminum foil


  • In a medium size mixing bowl, mix yellow mustard and brown sugar until you have a thick"paste".
  • Take all wrappers off of ham and trim away excess fat.
  • Line baking pan (I spray with Pam in case some of the brown sugar mixture escapes, clean up is easier) with Aluminum foil.
  • Place ham on foil and spread brown sugar/mustard paste on top.
  • Fold and seal foil.
  • Do not open again until ham is done.
  • Bake at 350° for 4 hours.
  • Let set for about 1 hr then carve.
  • One of the best tasting hams you will ever have!


  • K9 Owned

    I’m about 2 months late with this review. I want to add my raves to the other 197 people who posted. It could not have been any easier or any more tasty!! Two people and 1 ham can be eternity but leftovers were a pleasure too. As an added bonus I saved the pan drippings (caught in foil) and added that to my usual Ham and Bean soup recipe. Now I don’t want to make the bean soup unless I have these dripping to add. Awesome recipe indeed! ‘

  • riffraff

    Rather than the dried out smoked to death ham we usually have I decided to make this recipe. It was wonderful. The coating was not a paste….more like a sauce. I was afraid it would not be on the ham long enough to flavor it. The cooking time seemed a little long for the small, bone in ham I had so I cooked 3 hours and let it rest 1 hour. Super ham, super sauce, super sandwiches from left overs. Very moist and good, thanks.

  • Scott Orlowski

    Wonderful! And so easy to make. I never thought of wrapping ham in foil. Clean-up was a breeze!

  • New Mom Kate

    Another Easter has passed and here is another 5-star rating for this ham recipe! This ham is truly the best I have ever tasted — very moist and flavorful. (One of our guests even said it was so juicy that it squirted a bit when she cut into it!) I used an 8 lb. Kunzler ham, halved the brown sugar/paste recipe and cooked it all for 2 hours. Then let it set for 20 minutes before carving. Delish!!! My family has been preparing ham for decades, but none ever tasted like this! TIP: It WILL leak no matter how tightly you wrap it because the “paste” expands when heated, so be sure to line your pan with an extra piece of tin foil for easy cleanup.

  • kvaughnholliday

    I’m not much of a cook. I’ve also never made a ham and I was very nervous as I was entertaining 20 of my soon-to-be inlaws for Christmas. We used a 16.77 lb semi-boneless ham and had plenty of the “glaze” to spread over the whole thing. We baked at 350 for 4 hours 20 minutes. It was juicy and delicious! Everyone commented how moist it was, I attribute that to the foil baking method. Thanks to the foil, clean-up was super easy. I highly recommend the recipe and the method of cooking!!

  • Ragdoll Frankie

    This is the way my mother and now I, always fix (half) hams. I don’t use as much sugar or mustard for the sauce, and I add just a little pineapple juice to it.
    I also stick whole cloves into the ham, then use a few more to “tack” the pineapple all over.
    If you don’t have whole cloves add a pinch of ground cloves to your sugar mixture…
    Soooooo good!

  • DelaineLovesFood

    Used this recipe to make a 6 lb boneless ham. Baked for 2 hours and rested for 1 hour – it came out fantastic, not salty at all and just the right amount of sweet. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I just love it!

  • Irishcolleen

    OMG!!! Until I tried this recipe, I wasn’t wild about baked ham. Besides pizza, it would probably be one of the last things I’d really ever have a craving for. However, hams were on sale, and I remember my mom used to bake a ham, then use the remaining bone to put in a pot of red beans, which being from Louisiana, red beans and rice is a traditional weekly meal, and one of my favorites. I had a 9 lb. half ham, so I adjusted the recipe accordingly. The only addition I made was to put some ground cloves into the brown sugar/mustard paste, then right before it was done, I opened the foil, decorated it with pineapple and cherries, and returned it to the oven, uncovered, and under the broiler for about 5 minutes more, to try to caramelize it a little. Boopster, I will NEVER bake a ham any other way from now on! Because of your recipe, I love baked ham!! It was so moist and juicy, and just deeeeeeeeeelicious! Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

  • MarlaM

    I made this for the second time (can’t believe I didn’t review this last year!) for Christmas dinner and it was so amazing! Last year I used a whole ham and got rave reviews. This year I used a 12 lb half ham and my “foody” nephew told me it the best thing he’d ever eaten! So easy to make and the results make you look like “super chef”. I cooked for about 3 hours and let it rest for another hour or so without uncovering. I can tell you now that this will be the only way I’ll be making ham from now on! Thank you for posting!

  • IngridH

    This was really a great ham, and I’m one of those who doesn’t really care for ham very much! I used a shank-half ham, and soaked it for a couple of hours to get rid of some of the salt before coating with the mustard-sugar glaze. Since my ham was only 9 pounds, I made 1/2 the amount of glaze, and baked for 2 hours. The whole family raved- definitely the way to do ham for the family!