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Vegemite on Toast


  • 2slices bread, preferable white
  • 1⁄8teaspoon vegemite, more if you are game
  • 1⁄2teaspoon butter or 1⁄2 teaspoon margarine, Generous serve is recommended


  • Toast your favourite variety of bread, butter it generously and spread a thin layer of Vegemite on it. (Reminder, this is very flavoursdome stuff so you don’t need to use much at all).
  • Other variations include:.
  • – vegemite on toast with cheese, then grill to melt.
  • – vegemite with cheese and tomato, then grill.


  • iknitok

    How clever of you to submit this as a recipe! Yum! I’ve loved vegemite since I was a kid (of course) but I have to admit that I spread about six times the amount you show – but then, I eat it by the spoonful (or off the spreading knife, lol).
    NO comparison with marmite or promite though, please! Neither are nearly as good! 😀

  • RiBigMouth

    My employee brought this in one day and told me I had to try it. I’m from Rhode Island and have never tried anything like this before and nor will I ever. You must require a taste for this.

  • Sharon123

    Yum! I really enjoyed this toast spread very thinly with marmite, which is very similar to vegemite. Thank you! Made for the Australian Make my Recipe game!

  • acravatt

    OH MY GOD! Never ate Vegemite before today and I’m hooked after one bite. Did add some mild cheddar.

  • Chef Kylie

    Vegemite is a staple in our house. Can’t be without it! Another method is to try vegemite and mashed banana. yum!!!

  • peregrinak

    Great recipe.. but even better if it is marmite on vogels bread with thickly sliced avocado.. yummm!

  • Lorelle in Australia

    Whilst I was brought up on this breakfast (along with milo) I have found in later years – having lived in the Irish land of beer and guinness – that it is a fantastic hangover cure-all. It has the protein needed for energy, the B vitamins to perk you up (if only for a short time, but at least long enough to realise you haven’t died and gone to hell) and its usually spread on carbs which will emit energy over the next couple of hours. Hallelujah vegemite!!

  • Ozemum

    Total comfort food and one that I have used on more than one occasion as a hangover cure.

  • davo59

    Vegemite can be smeared all over a leg of lamb for a beautiful flavour, add some garlic pieces into the meat as well,pepper and salt.
    good tucker

  • Enjolinfam

    Yummy! I loved this! I liked vegemite on toast, but it tastes even more delicious on some butter…I don’t know if I’ll make this a habit because it’s not as healthy for me, but it was still a treat. 😉 Thanks!