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  • 1lb good quality lean ground beef
  • 1tablespoon olive oil
  • 2garlic cloves
  • 1⁄4teaspoon salt
  • 2 -3tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1tablespoon horseradish (optional but good) (optional)


  • Chop garlic cloves on wooden surface then put in mortar and pestle.
  • Add salt and olive oil and make a paste.
  • Add this to the meat along with the Worcestershire and horseradish.
  • Mix everything and adjust ingredients to suit your taste.
  • When you make the patties place an indention in the middle of each one with your thumb (almost all the way through). This keeps the burgers from shrinking. We like ours thick and I like them to stay that way!
  • Salt and Pepper according to taste when done.
  • An added note on 04-03-06 – Thank you all for your positive feedback. It’s nice to get confirmation on something I thought was good and different.
  • Please note that I usually add more ingredients than what is called for above. I nuke a tiny hamburger (meatball size) and taste. I usually add more of everything. The horseradish does not taste like horseradish when cooked. It gives it a flavor note that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Unless you are allergic to it, please try it.


  • shesacharm

    After reading many comments about these burgers falling apart, I think I might have stumbled across the reason and the cure. I think it is in the handling of the beef. Typically, the less you work the beef, the more tender the burgers will be. There were so many variables in my recipe, things I did differently from others to be able to tell what was causing the falling apart. Even those who used an egg or added bread crumbs had them fall apart. Others said they had no problem. I made my own vriation on the recipe. I made 4 burgers. Three had trouble holding together; one was perfect. The perfect one was one I formed twice bcause after forming it I found it was too large. I tore off some of the meat, rolled it around again and formed the patty again. It got worked twice as much as the other three. So, I’m thinking that the wet ingredients used are so wet that they actually require that the meat be handled a little more than one would usually do. At first I thought it was that I’d ground my own beef from chuck roast and it was not the right balance of fat to lean. Also, I was afraid the fresh garlic would burn in the high heat on the grill, so I used garlic powder instead. I used two slices of stale bread and a little Half and Half, plus a pinch of gelatin, and an egg. We’d just had a dish heavy on Worcestershire Sauce so instead I used about a teaspoon of A-1 Sauce and only a heaping teaspoon of horseraddish. Unfortunately, I overdid it slightly on the kosher salt I added last but they were still very delicious, especially the one that held together perfectly. Thank you for sharing what has obviously been a popular recipe to try. I’ll look forward to experimenting again soon.

    Next time I’ll try grinding steak tips with short ribs and use less milk on the bread; I’ll also use more horseraddish (I’m working my way up to the 3 Tablespoons a teaspoon at a time.)

  • lizeroo

    These are really very tasty and moist. I didn’t grill them ’cause my BBQ is broken, but fried on the stove-top and they were still wonderful. Will definitely make them again!

  • Denise Morris

    This is a great recipe, the horseradish gave it a good kick but was not overpowering. Great combination

  • arroz241_11561377

    I’ve made these before, and they’re very good. A tip for the reviewers who said the burgers would fall apart: if your hamburger is too lean, ie: ground sirloin, for example, it won’t hold together. You need fat content. I use 80%-20% ratio. I don’t like to add eggs, bread etc. to a beef patti, it then reminds me too much of a meatloaf mixture. I had been searching for a “better burger” and was delighted, and not disappointed when I found and tried this recipe

  • Kathy :-(

    Good, good, good. I was out of horseradish, so I used onion. Also felt the burgers needed salt and pepper, which was easy to add when eating. Will try horseradish next time. We really liked the Worcestershire taste.

  • Rise`

    Since you used two of my favorite items…garlic and horseradish, I knew this recipe couldn’t go wrong!

  • HMS

    Interesting blend of flavors. Next time I will add salt and pepper, and increase the horseradish.

  • Tsmith70

    Excellent hamburger recipe. I was looking for a way to spice up regular hamburgers and this was just the ticket. I will be making them like this from now on.

  • Rick Young

    Juicy and tasty burgers! I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out really great. Only problem I had was that they had a small tendency to not adhere together while attempting to turn them on the grill. Not really bad, but I might be tempted to add an egg in the future just to combat that very minor problem.

  • bratty

    Definately make these if you love horseradish and garlic. Best burger i’ve had in a very long time. They were great! I doubled on the horseradish, which may be a lot for some people, but was just fine for us. Really great mixture of flavors. BF and I were fighting over who would take the leftover burger in their lunch this morning! A keeper for sure!