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Gyro Meat


  • 1lb lean ground lamb (I frequently grind the lamb in my food processor or meat grinder and sometimes add beef)
  • 2cloves garlic (crushed)
  • 1 1⁄2teaspoons dried oregano (crushed)
  • 1teaspoon onion powder
  • 1teaspoon salt
  • 3⁄4teaspoon pepper


  • Combine ingredients in a bowl, and shape into 1/2 inch thick patties.
  • Broil 8-10 minutes until no longer pink.
  • Slice thinly and serve with pita bread, sliced tomatoes, thinly sliced onion, cucumber yogurt sauce.


  • jrusk

    My first time using lamb and my first time making a gyro. I followed the recipe exactly. It was awesome! Just like I bought one. Thanks for this!

  • Mudflower

    This was exceptional. We served it with greek potatoes, greek green beans, and the tzatziki recommended by another rater, Deb Wolf. I was surprised how well it sliced into thin strips. And it was even better the next day for lunch 🙂 Thanks!

  • Bri22

    I too was skeptical about how authentic this would taste. Gyros are by far one of my most favorite things to eat, and until now I was spending way too much money at an authentic family owned Greek Restaurant called King Davids. They have the best gyros ever. This gyro meat is almost exactly like it. it’s sooo tender and flavorful. I loved it. I mixed it by hand for a long time to ensure it would be tender, and instead of broiling it, I baked it at 300 for about 6 minutes each side. This really makes it tender. I sliced it really thin and put it in warmed pocketless pitas with lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce, I make myself. Thank you so much!

  • ruthie655

    I made this 2 ways- one with chicken and one with lamb. Although they are equally delicious, I think I will only make the chicken next time. A) It is cheaper and B) I will only have to prep/cook it once, since the Hubby and I both eat chicken. The Lamb has a stronger flavor overall, so the seasoning is not as strong in it. The 1 1/2 tsp of oregano in the chicken turns out very strong, which I liked. I formed 1 lb of meat into 4 burgers and cooked them in the cast iron skillet on the stovetop, and then I sliced it into thin strips. In the summer, I might grill these outside! Thanks for the great recipe; I will definitely be making this again and again!

  • Lebanese Niso

    I made this a few nights ago, and it was okay–not as great as I had hoped, but worth trying. I used all lean ground lamb, but next time, I think I’ll do 50% ground beef 50% ground lamb. As another reviewer said; This is best the day it is prepared and not very good the second day. Especially in the case of using lamb. I can’t really describe the taste of the lab on the second day, but it’s not a pleasant one.

  • rltfox

    I can’t believe how simple, yet flavorful this was! I won’t have to go out for Gyros again – it’s that good. I did use a combo of lamb & beef, but other than that I followed the recipe to a T. I did come up with a better (in my opinion) way to shape the meat though: Line a meatloaf pan with foil & press part of the mixture in the pan until it’s about 1-1/2″ thick. Pull up on the foil to remove it & place on a cookie sheet. Repeat with remaining mixture & cook as directed. This way you get the nice uniform shape & you can thinly slice the loaf when it is done for perfect gyro meat. You can’t tell it didn’t come off a spit.

  • mommyoffour

    This is a good meat for gyros. I served this with pitas, tomatoes, onions and some tzatziki sauce. We really liked these. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

  • Schooter

    I made this one with beef and it turned out great. The broil technique for gyros is very quick, which is the method I like to use with all my gyro recipes.

  • Lavender Lynn

    We didn't actually do this according to plan. Our son, a waiter and "food snob" (lovingly so-called by his brother), made a fat, colorful, wonderful, stacked-tall gyro-burger on a bun. He used Tzatziki generously. It was amazing to look at, marvelous to eat.

  • GrillBillie

    I’ve made a recipe similar using 3/4 ground beef and 1/4 ground pork. I also add 2 TBSP finely chopped fresh basil. I roll into the center of each “burger” sliced feta cheese and broil or fry on a grill pan. The added flavor of basil and feta is really yummy!